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How To Build a Round Stone Fire Pit

Although tougher to construct than a standard square or rectangular fire pit, a round shape blends better with the organic, curvilinear...

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Top 100 Cabins Projects

  1. 1. New England Seaside Landscape (00:03:26)

    Blog Cabin 2013 gets an authentic New England seaside landscape in one day.

  2. 2. Favorite Project (00:38)

    What was the 2008 Blog Cabin winner's favorite project in the construction?

  3. 3. Blog Cabin Picnic Table (00:35)

    A Blog Cabin carpenter talks about a picnic table he's building.

  4. 4. Setting the Logs Part 2 (06:54)

    You designed it, you could win it, now DIY's going to build it.

  5. 5. Blog Cabin Vacation (00:46)

    What would a family vacation at Blog Cabin be like for its new owner?

  6. 6. Highlights: Chris and Alison (00:03:25)

    Highlights of Chris and Alison Victoria's time at the 2012 Blog Cabin site.

  7. 7. Lee Raymond's Remote Challenge (00:03:20)

    Lee Raymond faces Alaska's winter wilderness in building his octagon cabin.

  8. 8. Blog Cabin Treehouse (03:31)

    Jimmy DiResta is onsite to build a custom traditional-style treehouse.

  9. 9. 2012 Guest Spaces Tour (00:01:28)

    Chris Grundy tours the guest spaces of the 2012 Blog Cabin.

  10. 10. Blog Cabin 2014 Original House (00:01:28)

    Take a first video tour of the bungalow chosen to become Blog Cabin 2014.

  11. 11. Setting the Logs Part 4 (03:31)

    You designed it, you could win it, now DIY's going to build it.

  12. 12. Jimmy Takes To the Trees (02:47)

    Jimmy DiResta vlogs about building the treehouse and speaking Southern.

  13. 13. Bath Crashers at Blog Cabin (00:02:24)

    A behind-the-scenes look at the Bath Crashers visit to Blog Cabin 2012.

  14. 14. Blog Cabin Fever - Time Lapsed (00:00:23)

    Take a look behind the scenes as the walls of the cabin go up.

  15. 15. Media Room Mayhem (20:00)

    The Blog Cabin is full of testosterone as the crew prepares the mancave.

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