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Top 100 Cabinets Projects

  1. 31. Media Room Makeover (20:01)

    The TV is framed around a built-in media cabinet loaded with storage space.

  2. 32. IKEA: Install Kitchen Cabinets (01:01)

    Here are the DIY Basics for installing kitchen cabinets.

  3. 33. Honeymoon Kitchen (04:29)

    DIY to the Rescue tackles a kitchen makeover for disgruntled newlyweds.

  4. 34. Sleek Stained Shelving Finish (05:43)

    Karl and Carol commence building the sleek shelves and cool cabinets.

  5. 35. How to Build a Storage and Supply Center

    Turn a messy area into a usable storage space. Use these step-by-step instructions to build a large cabinet that even has a mail-sortin...

    Two Days
    $250 - $500
  6. 36. Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers (01:55)

    Bob Vila shares money-saving ideas for remodeling kitchen cabinets.

  7. 37. Installing a Propane Gas Stove (01:58)

    Watch the pros install a propane gas stove.

  8. 38. Assembling Cabinets (00:60)

    John DeSilvia shares practical advice on assembling cabinets.

  9. 39. How to Build and Install Storage Cabinets

    The DIY to the Rescue Crew shows you how to build and install custom cabinets in a garage.

    $100 - $250
    Moderate to Hard
  10. 40. Outside the Box (20:00)

    Marc helps knock down a wall to open up more space in a row house.

  11. 41. Custom Mission-Style Vanity (04:50)

    Find out how to install a vanity, upper cabinets and a slate countertop.

  12. 42. How to Install a Bar Base (00:60)

    Jason Cameron shares quick tips on how to install a bar base.

  13. 43. Installing Wood Cabinets

    Save money on remodeling and install cabinets yourself.

    Several Weekends
    $5,000 - $10,000
    Moderate to Hard
  14. 44. Cabinet Door Inserts (00:60)

    This quick fix will rev up the style on boring builder-grade cabinets.

  15. 45. Outdoor TV Cabinet (03:56)

    Go behind the scenes as Carter builds a weatherproof cedar TV cabinet.