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Under Cabinet Lighting

This DIY Basic will provide tips on installing under cabinet lighting.

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Top 100 Cabinets Projects

  1. 1. Using Vintage Furniture in the Bathroom

    DIY Network suggests placing antique vanities and cabinets in your bathroom to give it a truly unique look.

  2. 2. Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

    Give your kitchen an affordable facelift with the latest in fun, stylish cabinet pulls from DIY Network.

  3. 3. Blog Cabin 2014: Cabinetry (00:02:21)

    Laurie and Dylan Eastman install laundry room cabinets in Blog Cabin 2014.

  4. 4. Reusing Cabinets (00:01:00)

    Tips on reusing your cabinets in another section of your home.

  5. 5. Sorting Through Kitchen Cabinet Choices

    Before you spend a big chunk of your remodel budget on cabinets, make sure you're choosing wisely. DIY Network experts offer tips on ho...

  6. 6. Kitchen Renovations (00:31)

    Create the kitchen you crave with expert advice from host Paul Ryan.

  7. 7. How to Install Flat Packed Cabinets

    Flat-packed cabinets are a stylish and affordable way to add storage to a kitchen. Learn how to install flat-packed cabinets with these...

    $1,000 - $2,500
  8. 8. Cabinet Hardware Basics (02:06)

    Easier than you think, find out how to install knobs, pulls and hinges.

  9. 9. Organize That Junk Drawer! (02:51)

    Keeping clutter under control is not so hard -- even in your junk drawer.

  10. 10. A Piece of Cake (05:29)

    By doing it themselves, Tim and Erica save $11,750 on their kitchen redo.

  11. 11. Cabinet Handles (01:31)

    Nancy Golden does kitchen cabinet makeovers just by changing the handles.

  12. 12. Stainless Kitchen Cabinet Door (01:55)

    Paul Ryan and homeowner Tim install custom stainless-steel cabinet doors.

  13. 13. Building Custom Shelving (04:29)

    Greg's wife Carol begins by building & staining the shelving unit.

  14. 14. How to Paint Cabinets

    Transform an ordinary kitchen into a work of art. The experts show how to paint kitchen cabinets to give your kitchen a retro look.

    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  15. 15. How to Stencil Paint a Cabinet

    Learn how to create decorative furniture by using paint and stencils, from DIY Network.

    $1 - $50
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