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Top 100 Building Projects

  1. 91. Deck Railing Safety Tips (00:04:11)

    Here are expert tips for building and properly maintaining a deck railing.

  2. 92. Rite in the Rain (00:01:32)

    When your office is the outdoors, this note-taking paper makes sense.

  3. 93. Whimsical Fence and Arbor (08:37)

    Spruce up your backyard by building a whimsical picket fence and arbor.

  4. 94. Episode 3 Deck Time Lapse (00:44)

    Watch the Decked Out deck in episode 3 being built in 44 seconds.

  5. 95. A Screw Grows in Brooklyn- 2 (04:37)

    Palanca works on a staircase; DiResta has a fiasco of a building project.

  6. 96. Building Kitchen Cabinet Doors (00:01:00)

    Change up the look of your kitchen by building new doors for the cabinets.

  7. 97. How To Construct a Firepit

    This firepit is constructed of firebrick with a concrete cap that has an Old World look of weathered stone. Pea gravel surrounds the fi...

    $250 - $500
    Easy to Moderate
  8. 98. Blog Cabin Family/Game Room (01:03)

    Join Matt Blashaw for a look at the 2011 Blog Cabin's family/game room.

  9. 99. Blog Cabin 2011: Homebuilding in Mathews County

    Learn more about historic homebuilding practices in Mathews County, Virginia, the location of Blog Cabin 2011, DIY Network's celebrated...

  10. 100. Outdoor Family Room (20:00)

    Dean and Derek move this family's playtime into an outdoor family room.

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