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Top 100 Building Projects

  1. 91. Builders Face Lumber Obstacles (00:02:43)

    The crew has quite a task ahead in gathering enough lumber for the cabins.

  2. 92. DIY Network Blog Cabin 2013 How-To Projects

    Visit to see how-to projects from the DIY Network Blog Cabin 2013 remodeling experience. Get step-by-step instructions a...

  3. 93. Framing in the Forest (00:02:56)

    Framing in a forest on a nearly deserted island has its own challenges.

  4. 94. Blog Cabin Fever - Time Lapsed (00:00:23)

    Take a look behind the scenes as the walls of the cabin go up.

  5. 95. Building Permits (01:10)

    Why do you need a building permit? Karl Champley explains.

  6. 96. Building a Tree Fort (08:00)

    Go behind the scenes as Carter and the crew begin to construct a tree fort.

  7. 97. Adding Storage to a Garage

    Learn how to add storage to a chopper garage wall by installing cabinets and shelves.

    Moderate to Hard
  8. 98. Dean and Derek Play in the Mud (02:47)

    Dean and Derek vlog about their experience on the Blog Cabin build.

  9. 99. Why Prefab Is Fabulous (00:01:00)

    Across the board, see why builders are turning to prefab construction.

  10. 100. How to Make a Padded Headboard

    Dress up any bedroom with this easy project. We a comfy headboard using white pine frame, plywood and memory foam cushion.

    $250 - $500
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