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Top 100 Building Projects

  1. 76. Build a Custom Wine Rack (00:01:00)

    Here's a quick tip on building a custom wine rack in less than a day.

  2. 77. Building a Trellis Planter (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for building a trellis planter.

  3. 78. Building a Countertop (01:36)

    Here are dos and don'ts of designing and building a restaurant countertop.

  4. 79. Driving System (00:55)

    With the Simpson Strong Tie, building a deck won't be a pain in the neck.

  5. 80. Energy Efficient Envelope (04:49)

    Learn more about the building envelope and it how really works.

  6. 81. How to Create Custom Shelves

    Learn how to create custom shelves with these easy-to-follow steps.

    Under Half Day
    $100 - $250
    Easy to Moderate
  7. 82. How to Build a Playhouse Fort (00:06:41)

    Deek Diedricksen shows how to build a fort-style playhouse with a loft.

  8. 83. How to Build a Goal Post

    No football field would be complete without a goal post. Backyard Stadiums host Michael Strahan and carpenter Amy Wynn Pastor demonstra...

  9. 84. Designing a Deck That's Narrow (03:58)

    Paul and the crew turn a narrow townhouse backyard into an outdoor oasis.

  10. 85. Blog Cabin 2014 Living Room (00:01:45)

    Laurie March hosts a tour of the Blog Cabin 2014 living room.

  11. 86. Install a Concrete Countertop (04:40)

    Learn how to build and install a concrete countertop from start to finish.

  12. 87. How to Build a Kidney Shaped Patio and Sitting Wall

    Use beautiful Arcadia stone pavers to create a stunning curved patio and wall formation that perfectly frames an outdoor room

  13. 88. Big and Small Custom Projects (00:04:45)

    Enter the world of Design Tech and see their large and small projects.

  14. 89. Must-Have Titanium Hammers (01:21)

    These new titanium hammers are must-have tools for any workshop.

  15. 90. Highlights: Chris and Anitra (00:01:10)

    Highlights of Chris and Anitra Mecadon's time at the 2012 Blog Cabin site.