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Top 100 Building Projects

  1. 61. How to Create Custom Concrete Countertops

    Add versatility to the kitchen area with a concrete countertop you construct from scratch. A mixture of quick-dry concrete and Portland...

    Two Days
    $250 - $500
    Easy to Moderate
  2. 62. Rite in the Rain (00:01:32)

    When your office is the outdoors, this note-taking paper makes sense.

  3. 63. Kreg Jig Essential Wood Tool (00:01:00)

    A kreg jig is a must when building custom doors to use on cabinets.

  4. 64. Boston Garden Sports Bar (03:40)

    Design a sports bar that is ideal place for having drinks with friends.

  5. 65. Building a Stone Paver Patio (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for building a stone paver patio.

  6. 66. Smart Home 2013 Pool Build (00:01:54)

    Anitra Mecadon looks at the building of the 2013 HGTV Smart Home's pool.

  7. 67. How to Build an A-Frame Entertainment Center

    Building an elegant A-frame entertainment center can be as easy as fitting notched lumber together like puzzle pieces. The experts show...

    Several Weekends
    $250 - $500
  8. 68. Better Roofing Options (00:01:00)

    Recycle old asphalt shingles and upgrade to one of these efficient options.

  9. 69. Step 4: Prep Your Base (01:41)

    Step 4 tells how to prep the base by tracing and removing sod.

  10. 70. Building Alaska Introduction (00:02:18)

    Three men risk all to carve out homes in Alaska's unforgiving wilderness.

  11. 71. Driving System (00:55)

    With the Simpson Strong Tie, building a deck won't be a pain in the neck.

  12. 72. Update an Older Home With a Deck

    An older home with a concrete pad porch is updated by construction of a redwood deck and flower box.

    Moderate to Hard
  13. 73. The Look of the House: Finishing the Exterior

    With the brick, mortar, frieze and cement boards, aluminum trim and siding up, there are only a couple of details left to finishing the...

  14. 74. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Counter (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for building a wall-mounted kitchen counter.

  15. 75. Build Smarter, Insulate Better (00:01:00)

    See the many types of insulation modern building science has to offer.