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How to Build a Bed Frame

A custom bed frame is a great beginner carpentry project that requires few tools. The following frame is set up for a standard king-siz...

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Top 100 Building Projects

  1. 1. Energy Efficient Round Houses (03:51)

    Kevin tours round homes ideal for energy efficiency and mountain views.

  2. 2. Blog Cabin Time Lapse (00:30)

    Watch time-lapse footage of Blog Cabin 2009.

  3. 3. Blog Cabin 2014 Kitchen Tour (00:02:05)

    Laurie March hosts a tour of the Blog Cabin 2014 kitchen.

  4. 4. Spooky Tombstones and Ghosts (00:04:47)

    Have a haunting Halloween yard with these ghostly gourds and tombstones.

  5. 5. Working With Reclaimed Building Materials

    DIY Network shows how to refurbish old materials to use in future projects.

  6. 6. Blog Cabin 2014: Mega Dens (00:01:03)

    Check out what Mega Dens' Anitra Mecadon contributed to Blog Cabin 2014.

  7. 7. Sliding Laptop Shelf

    This DIY Basic will provide tips on building a sliding laptop shelf.

  8. 8. How to Build Custom Wall Paneling

    Four-panel interior doors form a fantastic wall paneling in a master bedroom.

    $100 - $250
  9. 9. Big Expensive Retaining Walls (00:20:00)

    Kelli and James are excited as the first walls go up on their dream house.

  10. 10. Blog Cabin 2014 Dining Room (00:01:02)

    Laurie March hosts a tour of the Blog Cabin 2014 dining room.

  11. 11. Adding Storage to a Garage

    Learn how to add storage to a chopper garage wall by installing cabinets and shelves.

    Moderate to Hard
  12. 12. How to Build a Headboard From an Old Picket Fence

    DIY Network has instructions on how to inexpensively make a headboard from salvaged materials.

  13. 13. Building a Deck Bench (01:02)

    Here are the DIY Basics for building a deck bench.

  14. 14. Temporary Wall Construction (01:44)

    Russ and Ashely Walker give insider advice on building a temporary wall.

  15. 15. Better Roofing Options (00:01:00)

    Recycle old asphalt shingles and upgrade to one of these efficient options.

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