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Top 100 Budget Projects

  1. 91. Stretching Your Tile Budget (01:00)

    Save money but get a high-end look by using expensive tiles as accents.

  2. 92. The Gerlach Project (20:00)

    A soccer coach has only days to demolish his old deck and build a new one.

  3. 93. Mess Hall Part 2 (04:40)

    Will a completely new kitchen send this couple over their $15,000 budget?

  4. 94. Budget-Friendly Redo (20:00)

    Dan & his girlfriend are ready to update their kitchen for under $12K.

  5. 95. Suds n' Soap (20:00)

    Morphing an old utility room into a beer factory and a laundry room.

  6. 96. Unexpected Costs (20:00)

    Faced with a major hit to their budget, the contractor and Geno lock horns.

  7. 97. Budget Backsplash Project: Vintage Vinyl

    DIY Network has instructions for making an easy renter-friendly backsplash project

  8. 98. Garage Barrage Part 4 (04:02)

    A garage workshop is a more realistic remodel than a refinished basement.

  9. 99. Plan Your Total Bathroom Remodel Budget

    Don't send money down the drain in a bathroom remodeling project. Expert contractors and bathroom designers help you get the most out o...

  10. 100. The Pressure is Mounting (20:00)

    The Mackey's have just three months before their construction loan expires.

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