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Top 100 Budget Projects

  1. 91. Daunting Dormer (03:59)

    John helps Donna and Toni save more than 10 grand on their attic redo.

  2. 92. A Lally A Day Part 3 (05:31)

    All attention turns toward a stuctural project as a deadline approaches.

  3. 93. Custom Cabinets- Part 3 (04:49)

    Reggie and Victoria purchased a fixer-upper home for a steal!

  4. 94. Snowglobe Card (01:07)

    Create a snow globe card, perfect for sharing holiday cheer.

  5. 95. Framing In a Front Porch (03:43)

    Framing in a porch gives a homeowner a larger living room and kitchen.

  6. 96. Money-Saving Remodels From Money Hunters

    See budget renovations from DIY Network's hit show Money Hunters.

  7. 97. Water Features for Any Budget

    Water features can help turn your landscape into something special, providing a focal point and attracting wildlife. Dive into these wa...

  8. 98. Affordable Home Monitoring (00:01:21)

    ARCHOS' Smart Home battery-operated monitoring system is budget friendly.

  9. 99. Backyard Bargains (03:47)

    Jeff and Elizabeth saved $9,600 on their backyard and back porch redo.

  10. 100. Installing Siding (00:60)

    John DeSilvia shares practical advice on installing siding.

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