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Top 100 Budget Projects

  1. 76. Making It Move-In Ready (20:01)

    Countless details are tackled to make their home move-in ready.

  2. 77. Budget Backsplash Project: Cottage-Style Salvaged Molding

    DIY Network has instructions for making an easy renter-friendly backsplash project.

  3. 78. Basement Build-Out (04:10)

    Pete and Jillian save even more than 10 grand in their basement renovation.

  4. 79. Big Expensive Retaining Walls (00:20:00)

    Kelli and James are excited as the first walls go up on their dream house.

  5. 80. Make Your Neighbors Jealous (20:00)

    Host John DeSilvia reveals 10 ways to start impressing & save a few bucks.

  6. 81. This (Big) Old (Empty) House (02:43)

    Empty nesters redo the master suite before putting their house up for sale.

  7. 82. Bathroom Mirror (00:10)

    Take an inexpensive mirror and turn it into your bathroom's focal point.

  8. 83. The $70,000 Dream Kitchen Makeover

    DIY Network shows you how to get the most for your money in a $70,000 budget makeover.

  9. 84. Savvy Basement Renovation (04:47)

    See how homeowners maximized their remodeling budget with sweat equity.

  10. 85. Mess Hall Part 4 (04:21)

    Will a completely new kitchen send this couple over their $15,000 budget?

  11. 86. The Hinson Project (20:00)

    A kitchen renovation must be completed so that a family can be reunited.

  12. 87. Functioning Kitchen Saves $18k (00:02:40)

    The Weinsteins save more than $18,00 by doing their kitchen themselves.

  13. 88. The Gerlach Project (20:00)

    A soccer coach has only days to demolish his old deck and build a new one.

  14. 89. Boring Gone Bold Kitchen Redo (03:27)

    James shows how painting existing cabinets can give a kitchen a new look.

  15. 90. Concrete or Bust Part 2 (03:09)

    By doing most of their own labor can this couple make their budget work?