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Top 100 Budget Projects

  1. 61. Exposing Brick (00:00:60)

    John DeSilvia shares practical advice on exposing brick.

  2. 62. Making It Move-In Ready (20:01)

    Countless details are tackled to make their home move-in ready.

  3. 63. Backyard Renovation Pays Off (00:03:33)

    Alvin and Kelly tackle their backyard update themselves and save big bucks.

  4. 64. Flooring Overview (02:37)

    Latest flooring options from classic hardwoods to budget-friendly vinyl.

  5. 65. Brick Cleaning (01:00)

    Here's how to bring back the luster to exposed brick walls.

  6. 66. Low-Cost Color for Your Kitchen

    These low-cost projects from DIY Network will bring a splash of color to your kitchen.

  7. 67. The Bogartz Project (20:00)

    Bruce decides to tear down his counter and install one that has more seats.

  8. 68. Budget Backsplash Project: Global Style Maps

    DIY Network has instructions for making an easy renter-friendly backsplash project.

  9. 69. Demo Plaster Walls (00:60)

    John DeSilvia shares practical advice on how to demo plaster walls.

  10. 70. Subcontractors Part 3 (04:48)

    Johnny D. and Palanca are occupied by different ends of the spectrum.

  11. 71. Wash It: New Laundry Solution (00:01:20)

    Wash It is a detergentless solution for today's household laundry budget.

  12. 72. A Lally A Day Part 3 (05:31)

    All attention turns toward a stuctural project as a deadline approaches.

  13. 73. Money-Saving Remodels From Money Hunters

    See budget renovations from DIY Network's hit show Money Hunters.

  14. 75. Budget Kitchen Ideas

    Discover the most affordable kitchen remodeling projects with step by step instructions from the do it yourself experts at DIYNetwork.c...