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Top 100 Budget Projects

  1. 46. $28K Bathroom Redo (03:05)

    John helps doctors Jen and Jake save 20 percent on their bathroom remodel.

  2. 47. Mama's Getting Granite (20:01)

    Jennifer's goal is to do enough renovating herself to upgrade her granite.

  3. 48. A Lally A Day Part 2 (04:10)

    All attention turns toward a stuctural project as a deadline approaches.

  4. 49. Backyard Bonanza Part 1 (07:19)

    By doing most of the work themselves, is a high-end backyard in the budget?

  5. 50. Chic, Cheap Bathroom Makeover

    From pretty paint to granite counters, DIY Network has low-cost, high-impact decorating tips for the hardest working room in your home...

  6. 51. Make a Wish List (00:33)

    Make a budget and stick to it so you'll stay within your financial limits.

  7. 52. Daunting Dormer (03:59)

    John helps Donna and Toni save more than 10 grand on their attic redo.

  8. 53. Stone (02:17)

  9. 54. Fabulous Faux Wall Finishes (00:01:00)

    Faux wall finishes in the bath can be easy on the budget and high on style.

  10. 55. How to Make No-Sew Chevron Curtains From a Drop Cloth

    DIY Network has instructions on how to make chic, inexpensive window treatments using just a drop cloth, paint and grommets.

  11. 56. Custom Railing (01:00)

    Matt shows how to spice up deck rails in just a few easy steps.

  12. 57. Simple Home Repairs

    Nagging little problems are the bane of every homeowner's existence, and the professionals charge big bucks for repairs. DIY Network of...

  13. 58. Basement Build-Out (04:10)

    Pete and Jillian save even more than 10 grand in their basement renovation.

  14. 59. Concrete or Bust Part 4 (03:48)

    By doing most of their own labor can this couple make their budget work?

  15. 60. Pallet Chair (01:00)

    Watch and learn how to make this Adirondack chair out of a shipping pallet.