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Top 100 Budget Projects

  1. 46. Kitchen Completes It (20:01)

    After a five-year home renovation, the kitchen is the last to be completed.

  2. 47. Garage Barrage (20:00)

    A tight budget calls for a garage workshop rather than a finished basement.

  3. 48. Renovating a Rental Apartment (03:25)

    John & Rachel want to renovate an apartment rental - and save tons of cash.

  4. 49. Daunting Dormer (03:59)

    John helps Donna and Toni save more than 10 grand on their attic redo.

  5. 50. Bridal Gowns for Every Budget (03:32)

    There is a perfect gown for every bride and every budget.

  6. 51. Building a Low-Load House (04:05)

    Learn how Tedd Benson builds precise and efficient pre-fab timber houses.

  7. 52. Happy Birthday Kitchen (20:00)

    Daron and Randi want a more open kitchen space for hosting parties.

  8. 53. Front Porch Addition (03:53)

    Neal and Sarah want to add an open porch to the flat front of their home.

  9. 54. Subcontractors Part 3 (04:48)

    Johnny D. and Palanca are occupied by different ends of the spectrum.

  10. 55. Two Room Transformation (20:00)

    This home's renovation is down to just two rooms, a den and a sun-porch.

  11. 56. Fixing Up a Foreclosure (03:12)

    Remodeling a foreclosure from the ground up saves homeowners nearly $13k.

  12. 57. Cook Up a New Style for Under $1,000

    Want to redo your kitchen for $1,000? DIY Network experts show you how to easily get the look for less.

  13. 58. Backyard Bonanza Part 1 (07:19)

    By doing most of the work themselves, is a high-end backyard in the budget?

  14. 59. Quick Fixer-Upper (20:00)

    With a baby on the way, they want to fix up their eyesore of a bathroom.

  15. 60. Costume Duo (05:15)

    Make either a fairy or witch costume with this design.