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Top 100 Budget Projects

  1. 46. Budget Bedroom (20:01)

    James is converting an old kitchen on the second floor into a master suite.

  2. 47. Historical Kitchen Remodel (00:03:22)

    High-tech elements mix with Old World charm in this kitchen makeover.

  3. 48. Contemporary Kitchen Update (03:58)

    James Young helps a couple take their ugly kitchen to uber contemporary.

  4. 49. Stone (02:17)

  5. 50. Modern Staircase (01:00)

    Matt shows how to give an old staircase a modern facelift.

  6. 51. Concrete or Bust (20:00)

    A couple has high end kitchen updates they want to do on a low end budget.

  7. 52. Construction Nightmare (03:41)

    John helps Dave and Jess fix some critical mistakes their contractor made.

  8. 53. Kitchen Completes It (20:01)

    After a five-year home renovation, the kitchen is the last to be completed.

  9. 54. Timber Frame and a Name (20:00)

    As a special touch the vineyard's name, Notaviva, is hand-carved on a beam.

  10. 55. Concrete or Bust Part 3 (05:16)

    By doing most of their own labor can this couple make their budget work?

  11. 56. Removing a Whirlpool Tub (00:00:60)

    John DeSilvia shares practical advice on removing a whirlpool tub.

  12. 57. Make Your Kitchen Look Fab on $500

    DIY Network shows you how to get a great new look in your kitchen for $500 or less.

  13. 58. A Stick in the Mud Room (20:00)

    LaMonte's mud room "serves its purpose," but his wife wants to warm it up.

  14. 59. Ideas for Low-Cost Gardening

    DIY Network offers money-saving tips that will help your garden and your budget thrive.

  15. 60. Digital Laminate Countertops (00:01:24)

    Formica introduces James to their digital custom laminate countertops.