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Mortiser and Biscuit Joiner

Cut two half-circles into two pieces of wood and slide a biscuit into them to make a strong joint. Learn how with these step-by-step in...

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Top 9 Biscuits Projects

  1. 1. Basic Biscuit Joinery (01:43)

    John Palanca demonstrates the basic steps for solid biscuit joinery.

  2. 2. Meet the Biscuit Joiner (00:01:00)

    Meet the biscuit joiner, a carpentry tool many people have never heard of.

  3. 3. Joining Tips for Perfect Joint (00:01:00)

    Joining technique quick tips help create a perfectly smooth finished joint.

  4. 4. Cheddar Biscuits (01:42)

    Learn how to make cheddar biscuits, a simple yet scrumptious appetizer.

  5. 5. Festool Domino Joiner (01:36)

    This joiner could change the way you work with wood.

  6. 6. How to Use a Biscuit Joiner

    DIY Network explains how to cut biscuits and use a biscuit joiner for woodworking.

  7. 7. How to Use a Biscuit Joiner

    A biscuit joiner can be used to make edge-to-edge joints as well as perpendicular joints. Here's how it works.

  8. 8. How to Make a Joint With Biscuits and a Biscuit Joiner

    To hold two pieces of wood together at a 90-degree angle, create a joint with biscuits and a biscuit joiner. These step-by-step instruc...

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