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Top 14 Birds Projects

  1. 1. Swingin' Bird Feeder

    Learn how to build your own bird buffet and attract wild birds all year long, from DIY Network.

  2. 2. Kids' Halloween Costume: How to Make Bird Wings

    DIY Network has instructions on how to make feathered bird wings for Halloween.

  3. 3. Bird Sanctuary and Garden (07:14)

    Create your own backyard retreat with design ideas from Derek and Dean.

  4. 4. Building a Yard Bird (01:00)

    Create a garden sculpture using welding tools and techniques.

  5. 5. Bird Feeding Basics (03:24)

    If you feed them, they will come. Birds, that is.

  6. 6. Scholarly Bird Sanctuary (05:25)

    See how a little landscaping at a Boston school creates a lovely garden.

  7. 7. Bird-Friendly Yard (04:39)

    Great expert advice for attracting birds to your garden.

  8. 8. Project Xtreme Bonus Footage (00:57)

    Get a bird's-eye view of some of the Project Xtreme undertakings.

  9. 9. Blue Bird Carving (00:20:00)

    Lori demonstrates her carving technique on a blue bird.

  10. 10. Beneficial Garden Creatures

    The gardening experts at DIY Network show garden allies — wild creatures beneficial to your garden.

  11. 11. Attracting Birds (03:44)

    Get tips to attract birds to your yard, from our experts.

  12. 12. Halloween Raven Decorations (00:01:48)

    Here's how to make eerie DIY perching-raven Halloween decorations.

  13. 13. Pests and Diseases That Plague Cherries

    DIY Network experts explain some of the problems that can affect cherries and how to protect the harvest.

  14. 14. Creative Bird Cottages (02:00)

    Creative ideas for decorating a birdhouse using household accessories.