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Top 100 Bathrooms Projects

  1. 61. Designing Your Bathroom Around the Vanity

    The vanity has evolved from an afterthought into the starting point for your entire bathroom's design. Here are some expert views from ...

  2. 62. Creative Vanity Countertops (00:01:00)

    Jeff offers a variety of countertops to give your vanity a unique look.

  3. 63. Teched Out (20:00)

    Taylor and Stacey's bland bathroom gets a high-tech personality upgrade.

  4. 64. Cool, Quick Bathroom Vanity (00:01:00)

    Watch as Amy Matthews turns a kitchen cart into a stylish bathroom vanity.

  5. 65. Burlap Bathroom Wainscoting (00:01:00)

    Matt shares an inexpensive alternative for bathroom wainscoting.

  6. 66. Add-A-Bath (00:20:00)

    Completing a basement with the addition of a bathroom.

  7. 67. Contemporary Country Bath (00:03:18)

    A master bath's contemporary country update gets lots of copper accents.

  8. 68. Steamy Vegas Spa Bath (00:20:02)

    A boring, builder grade bath is steeped in Las Vegas luxury.

  9. 69. Super-Sized Spa- Part 2 (20:00)

    Bringing out dramatic design elements - both old and new.

  10. 70. Custom Cabinets (20:01)

    A woodworking expert customizes plywood cabinet doors for this bathroom.

  11. 71. Plumbing Tips for Beginners (01:21)

    Get simple tips for installing a new bathroom sink.

  12. 72. Wallboard Install (04:47)

    Learn how to prep and install wallboard in a DIY bathroom makeover.

  13. 73. Seven Crashed Baths You Can't Miss

    Hate your bath? Here are seven of our favorite crashed baths from Matt Muenster, a licensed contractor and host of DIY Network's Bath C...

  14. 74. Creative Painting (00:30)

    The right cool tools can make any painting project more fun.

  15. 75. Amy's Basement (20:00)

    Amy Matthews & her husband want to add four rooms to their 1920s bungalow.


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