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Bathroom Remodeling

Top 100 Bathroom Remodeling Projects

  1. 76. The Master Sweet (00:20:00)

    Vanilla Ice and his crew put the "sweet" back into the master suite.

  2. 77. Add-a-Bath (03:00)

    The owners worry about not getting a return on their bathroom investment.

  3. 78. Creative Bathroom Storage Tips (00:01:00)

    These bathroom storage ideas add function and chic decorating style too.

  4. 79. Over-the-Top Bathroom Design (02:47)

    Two ugly spaces are combined to become one killer "party" bathroom.

  5. 80. DIY Custom Mosaic Tiles (00:01:00)

    Make your own custom mosaic bathroom tiles using Matt's diy quicktips.

  6. 81. Easy Beadboard Wainscoting (02:08)

    Change the look of any bathroom by installing easy beadboard wainscoting.

  7. 82. Suburban Spa Aah! (20:01)

    A 1980s bathroom in a 2006 home goes from "ugh" to "aah."

  8. 83. Changing a Light Fixture (01:26)

    Changing out a light fixture is one of the easiest ways to update a bath.

  9. 84. Copper-Wrapped Fireplace (00:01:00)

    Brushed copper gives a rustic look to a custom bathroom fireplace surround.

  10. 85. Bigger and Brighter Bathroom (04:01)

    Bath Crashers creates a bathroom that's the perfect fit for one couple.

  11. 86. A Bath for Grownups (00:03:18)

    Cassie and Adam's tiny bath, complete with mini fixtures, gets enlarged.

  12. 87. Amy's Basement (20:00)

    Amy Matthews & her husband want to add four rooms to their 1920s bungalow.

  13. 88. Run My Renovation: A Master Bathroom That You Helped Design

    We asked fans to vote on how we should renovate a master bathroom. Take a look at the stunning results.

  14. 89. Cast a Concrete Bathroom Sink (00:01:00)

    Matt shows how a concrete sink can give a bathroom a unique, modern look.

  15. 90. Reimagined Outdoor Living (00:01:14)

    Jamie and his team flip a house inside out and redefine outdoor living.


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