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Bathroom Remodeling

Top 100 Bathroom Remodeling Projects

  1. 76. Add a Sun Tunnel to a Bathroom (00:01:00)

    Matt shares tips for lighting up a dark bathroom by adding a sun tunnel.

  2. 77. Outside-the-Box Bathtubs (00:01:00)

    These outside-the-box bathtubs have timeless appeal and a touch of bling.

  3. 78. Luxurious Master Bath Upgrade (00:04:36)

    Watch the transformation of a bland master bathroom into a luxurious oasis.

  4. 79. Bathroom Speaker Installation (00:00:30)

    Use Matt Muenster's tips to install flush-mounted speakers in a bathroom.

  5. 80. Plan Your Total Bathroom Remodel Budget

    Don't send money down the drain in a bathroom remodeling project. Expert contractors and bathroom designers help you get the most out o...

  6. 81. Bathroom Puts On the Glitz (00:03:54)

    A moldy, outdated master bathroom undergoes a glitzy spa-like makeover.

  7. 82. Nod to Tradition (20:00)

    A couple want to add a master bath to the top level of their duplex.

  8. 83. How to Plan a Bathroom Renovation

    The bathroom should not only look good, it should make you feel good, too.

    Under Half Day
    $1 - $50
  9. 84. Spa-Like Bathroom Renovation (03:22)

    When the old bathroom comes down, so does the homeowner's blood pressure.

  10. 85. Extra-Tall Bathroom (00:03:03)

    A 6-foot-6 homeowner gets a bathroom especially scaled to his height.

  11. 86. Bathroom With a Built-In Bar (03:41)

    Matt Muenster helps two brothers create the ultimate bachelor bathroom.

  12. 87. Blog Cabin 2014 Master Bath (00:01:47)

    Laurie March hosts a tour of the Blog Cabin 2014 master bathroom.

  13. 88. From Boring to Upbeat Bathroom (00:03:46)

    A couple's bored-to-tears bathroom gets a makeover and a personality lift.

  14. 89. Terrible Tile Troubles (00:03:45)

    Issue after issue in this bathroom makes the final result even sweeter.

  15. 90. BATHtastic! Makeovers

    Looking for a bathroom makeover inspiration? Look no further. Amazing DIY Network bathroom makeovers are showcased.


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