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Top 100 Basements Projects

  1. 91. Date Night in the Basement (00:20:01)

    Anitra & the team will give a couple their own personal entertainment zone.

  2. 92. Beer Tap Installation (02:12)

    Jenny and Cave Wilson give advice on running a beer line to a kitchen.

  3. 93. Room for Two (20:00)

    The crew transform a dangerous basement into a safe and functional space.

  4. 94. Basesment Renovation (03:54)

    Homeowners turn a basement into a family room, guest room and laundry room.

  5. 95. Manly Dressing Room / Office (00:03:58)

    New TV star Michael Strahan gets a combo office / dressing-room Man Cave.

  6. 96. Big Phat Home Theater (00:20:00)

    This 70 inch home theater will blow any football fan away!

  7. 97. Add-a-Bath (05:12)

    Kelli and Steve's newly finished basement lacks a bathroom.

  8. 98. Dojo Cave and Lounge (00:03:47)

    The guys create an awesome basement dojo with a few hidden surprises.

  9. 99. Bathroom Fix 'Dampens' Remodel (00:03:25)

    An on-the-cheap bathroom fix causes major headaches for the basement below.

  10. 100. Heating (01:23)

    Learn about heating before remodeling a basement.

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