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18 Hangout Spaces from Man Caves

18 Hangout Spaces from <i>Man Caves</i>

See dramatic turnarounds of 18 basments and bonus rooms into incredible living spaces.

Buh-Bye to Basic Basements

10 Things You Must Know: Basements

10 Things You Must Know: Basements

Before you start a basement remodel, use these expert tips to make it as smooth as possible.

Basement Tips + Advice

Boring Basement to Martini Bar

Basement Remodel to Martini Bar

A bland and cluttered basement gets the House Crashers treatment.

Total Transformation (7 Pics)

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Top 100 Basements Projects

  1. 1. How to Install Carpeting (00:00:60)

    Jason Cameron shares quick tips on how to install carpeting.

  2. 2. The Lodge Bar (03:07)

    Tom builds a sports ski lodge in his basement, complete with fireplace.

  3. 3. Welcome to Parrot-dice (00:20:00)

    Projects in this episode include a glitzy Vegas kitchen.

  4. 4. How to Fix a Doorjamb (00:00:60)

    Tony Siragusa shares quick tips on how to fix a doorjamb.

  5. 5. Install an Entertainment Bar

    Follow these steps on how to install an entertainment bar, from building the framework to installing the cabinets and countertops.

  6. 6. Customized Man Cave for Dad (00:03:02)

    Man Caves helps Jenna Wolfe create a basement man cave for her dad.

  7. 7. Building Codes (02:52)

    Learn about building codes before remodeling a basement.

  8. 8. Game Room (20:00)

    A dated basement family room is converted into a game room.

  9. 9. Blank Basement Upgrade (00:04:11)

    DIY voters take the Murphys along for the ride with this basement makeover.

  10. 10. Coming Up Short (20:00)

    Anna wants her new basement bath to be fun, functional and unique.

  11. 11. Basement or Bust (00:04:36)

    Sierra wanted a new man cave for her husband. She may need a new husband.

  12. 12. Replacing Rotten Wood (00:54)

    Learn about replacing rotten wood before remodeling a basement.

  13. 13. Furring Strips (01:18)

    Learn about furring strips before remodeling a basement.

  14. 14. Montana Lodge (20:01)

    Tony and Jason bring a splash of the rural west to this basement.

  15. 15. How To Create a Basement Home Office

    A built-in desk and storage shelves make this basement an organized space.

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