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Top 25 Baseboards Projects

  1. 16. Heating (01:23)

    Learn about heating before remodeling a basement.

  2. 17. Toekicks, Molding and Trim (03:47)

    It's easy to install your own toekicks, baseboard, and shoe molding.

  3. 18. How to Match Molding Profiles

    It can be hard to match molding profiles -- especially when working on an older home. DIY experts how to use a router to create and mat...

    $1 - $50
  4. 19. Baseboard Wire Track (01:24)

    Learn how to hide wires with a hidden baseboard wire track.

  5. 20. Painting Baseboards (00:23)

    Take a look at this innovative technique for painting along the floor.

  6. 21. Cope and Baseboard (02:09)

    Marc miters, copes and installs new baseboard in a room.

  7. 22. Painting Baseboards (03:42)

    Learn the right way to paint trim work that has years of layered paint.

  8. 23. Baseboard Heating (01:07)

    Learn the advantages of baseboard heating and discover how it works.

  9. 24. Step 5: Install the Baseboard (01:14)

    Here's how to install the remaining trim pieces for custom wainscoting.

  10. 25. Kits for Quick Baseboard Fix (00:01:49)

    Upgrading or repairing baseboards and molding is simple with these kits.

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