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Top 100 Backyards Projects

  1. 76. Backyard With a Pipe Perch (00:03:26)

    This backyard now has a "pipe perch" to keep Dad's smoke away from Mom.

  2. 77. Kid-Safe In-Ground Trampoline (00:01:54)

    An in-ground trampoline is installed with rubber mulch decking for safety.

  3. 78. How to Build a Sandbox

    Build a sturdy sandbox for the kids in no time at all.

    2 hours
    $50 - $100
  4. 79. Outstanding Outdoor Room Inspiration

    DIY Network offers tips on how to make the most of your lawn, lanai, backyard or barbeque

  5. 80. Mini Backhoe TLB-425 (01:19)

    This mini backhoe is a smaller, lighter loader for backyard projects.

  6. 81. Heavy-Duty Outdoor Kitchen (00:02:42)

    These passionate cooks now have a suitably heavy-duty outdoor kitchen.

  7. 82. Build a Combination Swing Set, Playhouse and Climbing Wall

    The building experts at DIY Network provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to make a kids’ playhouse includes a swing and cli...

  8. 83. Outdoor Entertainment Areas (00:01:15)

    Watch the experts turn these dreary backyards into entertainment meccas.

  9. 84. The Sizzling Grills (40:02)

    In these two backyards there is no sizzling without a grilling.

  10. 85. Creative Patio Design Delights (00:01:14)

    Sara uses an easy-to-assemble fireplace kit for a much-needed patio design.

  11. 86. 10 Designer Landscapes

    Create the backyard retreat of your dreams with landscaping tips from DIY Network.

  12. 87. A Cure for Backyard Envy (00:03:25)

    These homeowners won't need to covet their neighbor's yard ever again.

  13. 88. Barn Deck (20:01)

    With a sweet design and hard work, this backyard comes to life.

  14. 89. Fantastic Figs (20:01)

    We'll show you how to care for, plant and harvest delicious figs.

  15. 90. Patio Bar Faced With Tin Tiles (00:04:54)

    The Moss brothers design and build a bar accented by decorative tin tiles.


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