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Top 100 Attics Projects

  1. 76. 16 Amazing Attic Remodels

    DIY Network has inspiring ideas on how to turn an unused attic into extra living space.

  2. 77. How To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

    Learn how to install insulation, weather stripping and a programmable thermostat to make a home more energy efficient.

    Easy to Moderate
  3. 78. Putting the Attic to Good Use (00:02:25)

    John and Joanie turn a bare-studs attic into a open yet cozy media room.

  4. 79. How to Repair a Roof Leak

    A roofline leak and an open attic vent are allowing both water and critters to enter this home. Learn how to repair a roofline hole and...

    Under Half Day
    $50 - $100
  5. 80. Attic Overheating (01:04)

    An unventilated attic can hit 150 degrees (too hot). To cool it, ventilate.

  6. 81. Run My Renovation: A Combination Bar, Game Room and Craft Center

    We asked fans to vote on how we should renovate an attic bonus room. Take a look at the stunning results.

  7. 82. Attic Turned Man Room (00:20:00)

    An attic is transformed into a cozy and comfortable media room.

  8. 83. Wasted Attic Space (01:05)

    Home improvement expert Karl Champley vlogs about using wasted attic space.

  9. 84. House Invasion (20:00)

    A car drives through the front door and animals create havoc in the attic!

  10. 85. Attic Bonus Room (00:03:24)

    An $11,000 attic remodel adds $23,000 to the value of this home.

  11. 86. Projects for Increasing Your Home's Value- Garage, Basement & Closet Storage & Organization Ideas

    From garages and basements to attics, our DIY experts share tips for adding storage to help you get and stay organized.

  12. 87. Attic Access and Flooring (20:00)

    Installing a folding attic ladder can markedly improve access to the attic.

  13. 88. Attic Attack (00:03:44)

    Paul and Darcey's attic becomes a family- and dog-friendly living space.

  14. 89. Garage Wrap-Up (00:03:48)

    A garage renovation project goes over the top and over budget.

  15. 90. How to Install Folding Attic Ladder

    Many attics are accessible only through small access panels, making them anything but useful. Installing a folding attic ladder can mar...

    Under Half Day
    $100 - $250