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Air Compressors

Top 13 Air Compressors Projects

  1. 1. Turanair System (01:00)

    Who needs an air compressor with this portable, refillable air tank.

  2. 2. Air Compressor Performance (02:39)

    At Campbell Hausfeld's factory, Matt learns how an air compressor works.

  3. 3. Nail Guns & Air Compressors- 4 (03:49)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw learns the difference between PSI and SCFM.

  4. 4. Little Green Suckers (01:16)

    These suction cups stick to walls and act as a second pair of hands.

  5. 5. Tankless Air Compressor

    DIY experts suggest an air compressor that works just like a regular air compressor — but without the air tank.

  6. 6. Air Compressor Tips

    Use these DIY tips to help determine which air compressor will get the job done — and how much horsepower is really needed.

  7. 7. Tips on Choosing and Using an Air Compressor

    This DIY Network guide makes it easy to choose the right air compressor for any project.

  8. 8. Jackhammer Usage (00:60)

    Here's an Indoors Out quick tip on using a jackhammer.

  9. 9. Pneumatic-Tool Basics

    DIY Network shows why pneumatic (air-powered) tools are great additions to any workshop.

  10. 10. Nail Guns & Air Compressors (20:00)

    Contractor Matt Blashaw visits an air compressor factory.

  11. 11. Porter Cable Air Compressor (02:58)

    Check out these pancake-style compressors that go mobile!

  12. 12. Power Nailer Speeds Up Project (00:01:00)

    Jason uses a power nailer to speed up the process of building a deck.

  13. 13. Air Compressor (00:54)

    Grip Rite's air compressor is powerful but all about keeping quiet.