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The Low-Load House

Episode DTNH-204H

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  • April 23, 2015

    7:30 AM e/p

Amy heads off to snow country to meet Tedd Benson, a visionary New Hampshire builder who's taken the 2,000-year-old craft of timber framing and added a super-insulated wall system, running the whole process on a computer matrix. This "Low-Load" house is built in pieces in the plant, gets trucked to its mountainside site in Vermont and goes up quickly and precisely, despite Mother Nature's worst. Then, Kevin's got some more new ideas to insulate your home, like foam-filled framing lumber and Aerogel strips, and he's also got an answer to the eternal do-it-yourself question: what do I do with my demolition waste? After Amy demonstrates a product that makes crown molding installation a breeze, Kevin has his mind blown as he comes to understand the true power of wireless: charge your phone, cook your soup in the can or run your souped-up electric roadster, all without cables!


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