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Systems Thinking

Episode DTNH-209H

Tune In

  • August 29, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Amy heads to New Jersey to check out a new modular company that's building homes like automakers make cars. It's housing on demand, and with careful design, cutting-edge prefabrication and limited options, these super-efficient, ultra-modern homes come in at $140 per square foot, delivered in 30 days to the lot of your choice. Meanwhile, Kevin learns what goes on inside the all-important heat recovery ventilator and meets a guy with a very colorful take on the classic Adirondack chair. Then, Amy's found a super-strong concrete tile roof that doesn't just look cool. It IS cool, keeping the building underneath comfortable and safe through high heat and natural disasters. And before you finish your basement, you'll want to watch this as Kevin heads downstairs for some serious system thinking about how to solve moisture problems.


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