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Pushing the Envelope

Episode DTNH-205H

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  • August 01, 2014

    7:00 AM e/p

Kevin meets a North Carolina builder who's turning building science on its ear. Amid the hubbub about super-tight, super-insulated homes, PUSH Design is pushing the envelope with a full system of specially-developed toxin-free and self-drying products like corrugated recycled paper panels, magnesium wallboard and hemp-reinforced concrete designed to let homes breathe deep. Next, it's an open-door policy for your garage as Amy checks out a new storage system and a retractable screen for your garage door. Plus, discover the latest in home integration systems that let you monitor your lights, music, security system and even your baby from wherever you may be. And finally, Amy gets the skinny from plumbing guru Richard Trethewey and sons on why, when it comes to being comfortable in your home and saving energy dollars, water beats air hands down.


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