DIY Network

Dome Home

Episode DTNH-102H

This episode is set at the Cleantech House in Beverly, Mass., a showcase of the latest in energy-saving design. Licensed contractor and host Amy Matthews goes to New Orleans, La., to see the Make It Right project. The project is a collaborative effort with actor Brad Pitt, builders, suppliers and several world-renowned architects to rebuild a Katrina-ravaged neighborhood and prove cutting-edge design, low energy use and affordability can all fit under one roof. Host Kevin O'Connor sees the latest in clothes drying, steam. Kevin tours a "monolithic dome" house in Manitowoc, Wis., which is nearly indestructible, lasting around 500 years while retaining its comfort. Amy checks out a metal roof with a lifetime warranty and Kevin uses a thermal-imaging infrared camera to show how to detect a home's energy leaks. In Longmont, Colo., Amy visits Serious Materials, makers of the country's highest-efficiency windows.


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