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On DIY Network's The Adam Carolla Project, comedian and one-time construction worker Adam Carolla (Loveline, The Man Show, Crank Yankers) has an ill-fated plan to buy his childhood home and attempt to turn it into a million-dollar house in just 13 weeks. Armed with his self-described "band of unemployable idiots," Adam can only shake his head as the project turns into a comedic parody of home improvement with budget overruns, blown schedules and celebrity drop-ins. Mood swings and flaring tempers continue to set the stage as Adam constantly pushes his eccentric crew to pick up the pace and stay on task, but the biggest challenge may simply be not killing his lazy, skinny-dipping crew of wild childhood friends and former co-workers. Success doesn't come easy, and as the renovation continues, the question becomes not how much can he make, but how little can he lose.

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January 11, 4:30 am
Selling It Like It Is
January 10, 4:30 am
The Home Stretcher
January 09, 4:30 am
There's a New Foreman in Town
January 08, 4:30 am
Quitters, Inc.
January 07, 4:30 am
Chasing Rainbows
January 06, 4:30 am
The Bet and the Debt
January 05, 4:30 am
The Heat is On!
January 04, 4:30 am
Send in the Troops

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