DIY Network

Surburban Spa

Episode DSEQ-402

The Iikubo's love their 1990 home's location and open floor plan, but hate that it looks much like the typical cookie cutter suburban home. They feel their home has potential but is void of anything that would make their home a stand out in the market. There are multiple areas they would like to update including a bland kitchen and a boring landscape, however, in their opinion the upstairs master bath is on the top of the list. While the bathroom offers good size it is not very practical, and worst of all, it's carpeted! The corner tub is too big to bathe their young son, there is an enormous low hanging chandelier that presents a safety hazard, plus the entire space is worn and dated. They would like to make modifications that fit their lifestyle and sense of design, while keeping in mind the changes that will make the most cents.


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