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Green Kitchen

Episode DSEQ-608H

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  • June 20, 2013

    11:30 AM e/p

It was love at first sight when Nora Passe found her 1926 Bungalow. The new master suite with soaring ceilings, hardwood floors and original woodwork were the things that sold her. She looked past the cramped kitchen, knowing that the pros outweighed the cons. She and her real estate agent boyfriend, Ryan Hansen, figured she could make some money if she brought the kitchen up to speed with the rest of the house. Starting with a $10,000 budget, they plan to open the kitchen to the dining room to create the open floor plan that buyers are after these days. They're both interested in environmentally friendly products and want to be as earth friendly as possible with the renovation. Nora has experience rehabbing another old home and Ryan has made several huge improvements to his own property already, so this couple is up to the challenge of a green renovation. Will they be able to stick to their budget, or will costly eco-friendly products be their downfall?


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