What Painting Supplies Do I Need?

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By Melissa Michaels

Before you can start a room-painting project, you need to gather up all of the necessary supplies. If you are new to room painting, you’ll quickly see the decision making process does not end with choosing a paint color. The options for types of supplies to choose may seem endless and daunting, but don’t worry! Today I’m going to share some of the basic supplies you’ll need.

Before you begin any project, make sure you prepare your walls properly for new paint.

Now you are ready to begin painting!

Here is what you’ll need:

Paint Brushes

Painting Trays

Tarps & Plastics


Ladder & Step Stool


Radio and/or iPod

Paint Brushes

My three favorite standard paintbrushes are:

1. An angled brush for painting straight lines around doors, windows and woodwork. I do not use painter’s tape unless I’m doing stripes. I find that using the angled brush and a quick, steady hand gives me a better line than tape. I tend to buy the best quality brushes I can because they really do make a difference.

2. A roller cover and handle.

3. A small craft brush. I buy inexpensive short bristled craft brushes (the kind you might use for an art project) in bulk at a craft store like Michaels. Those little brushes really come in handy for evening out paint lines around doors and window trim. They also work great for around doorknobs, light fixtures and small hard-to-reach areas.

Painting Trays

I’ve used all sorts of trays and containers for painting. I’m not a professional painter, but I prefer the metal trays without liners for use with rollers. For painting trim or areas with smaller brushes, I use plastic cups or disposable plastic containers that I can easily carry up on ladders with me!

Tarps & Plastic

I’m a notoriously messy painter. If there is furniture or carpet anywhere in the vicinity of my paint job, I’ll probably get paint on it. If I’m concerned about splatters, I use some tarps or plastic garbage bags to help protect the area. For floors I prefer cloth tarps as they absorb paint better and are not as slippery as plastic ones.


As I mentioned, I don’t generally use painter’s tape for painting edges unless I’m doing a special project like painting stripes. However, it can come in handy for taping off light fixtures or other areas that are difficult to paint around.

Ladder & Step Stool

This year I finally bought my own step stool and ladder. I can’t believe I waited so long! Both of them have been invaluable to me as I make my way around painting my house. No more balancing myself on chairs or putting myself in precarious situations! I have a 6 foot ladder and a small step stool. My husband has tall ladders that he is willing to get up on if we need to paint tall walls.


As I mentioned, I’m a really messy painter. I know this about myself, so before I even begin I gather up a few old towels. I keep some wet and some dry. I also have a roll of paper towels nearby for any quick clean up. If you are not close to a sink you might even want to have a bucket of water close by to dip your rags in as needed.

Radio or iPod

Painting a room can be a long weekend project. It helps to have your favorite tunes blasting in the background to pass the time.

Make painting fun and you’ll be excited to go on to the next room!

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