Season 1, Episode 1

Transforming One Bathroom Into Two Bathrooms for One Big Family

Chris and Traci Shinkle outgrew their starter home long ago after not one, but four kids joined the family. This family of six shares one ugly bathroom and a tiny kitchen that barely holds the whole family. Jason Cameron gives the homeowners 30 seconds to figure out which room is at the top of their destruction list, and when the choice is made, they have just 30 minutes to destroy it with a sledgehammer. The Shinkles are looking for a little privacy and take their sledgehammers to the bathroom. They take out the walls, the sink, the tub and the toilet making room for Jason and his crew to transform the space. They turned one big bathroom into a kids' space complete with a trough sink, a deep tub, custom cabinetry, a space for blowdryers and curling irons and mom's favorite, a laundry chute. The rest of the space is turned into a private bathroom for mom and dad.
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