Season 1, Episode 7

Smashing Two Bathrooms to Create Two New Spaces: an Oasis and a Kid-friendly Space

Jason Cameron arrives at Emily Swisshelm and Jason Smyth's house with sledgehammers and a deal. They have 30 minutes to smash all the ugly rooms in their house. Whatever they smash, Jason will fix, but if they don't smash it, Jason won't touch it. The deal is a little tricky because Jason Smyth won't have Emily's help to do the smashing as she is pregnant. Instead of smashing, Emily is cheering on the two Jasons to smash through two ugly bathrooms one of which features naked people on the wallpaper. Emily wants those bathrooms to be opened up to create new spaces with a stylish bathroom for the adults and a kid-friendly space for son Henry and his soon-to-be-born little sister. When the smashing is finished and the dust settles, Jason will install a new tiled shower space with a beautiful glass enclosure for the grownups, and in the kids' bathroom, there is custom cabinetry made with kid-friendly material.
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Jason and Chris Smash Through Blog Cabin 2014

Jason Cameron wastes no time as he smashes through the dining room wall with Chris Grundy at Blog Cabin 2014.

Photo By: Tony Flora/ AP Images

Jason Removes Studs

Inside, Jason removes wall studs in the attic during the demolition phase, as seen on DIY Network's Sledgehammer.

Photo By: Chris Cone/Getty Images ©2013 DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved Owned-No limitations on time/term, territory or media as long as the images

Game Room Dining

This game room features dark green bench seating and wood furniture, as seen on DIY Network's Sledgehammer.

Shelf Over the Stove

A small shelf over the stove in this kitchen acts as storage for pots and pans, as seen on DIY Network's Sledgehammer.

Small, Contemporary Kitchen

This small, contemporary kitchen features a table for dining, as seen on DIY Network's Sledgehammer.

Jason at Blog Cabin 2014

With his hard hat on and sledgehammer in hand, Jason prepares to knock down some walls, on location with DIY Network's 2014 Blog Cabin in Winter Haven, Florida.

Photo By: Tony Flora/ AP Images ©2014, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Eclectic Green and White Kitchen

An eclectic green and white kitchen is shown, as seen on DIY Network's Sledgehammer.

Mint Kitchen Cabinets

Mint cabinets give this kitchen a fresh look, as seen on DIY Network's Sledgehammer.

Jason's Egg-Cellent Smash

The concentration on Jason's face says it all. After his first semi-failed attempt to smash eggs, he's stacked the dozen on top of each other to get the best impact.

Jason Cameron Poses with Stuffed Hippo

Jason poses with his new cohost, Heidi the hippo, after finishing renovations on the Groene's daughter's new bedroom.

Photo By: Jeff Childre, Photographer ©2014, DIY Network/Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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