Man Caves: Top 10

Hosts Jason Cameron and Tony Siragusa share their top-10 favorite man caves.

Photo By: Jamie Rector

Photo By: Jack Parker

#1 Snoop Dogg's Lair

Snoop's new man cave combines comfort with touches of his signature style. The plush leather couch is flanked by a mini fridge and memorabilia. The custom painting provides the perfect finishing touch.

#2 Sound-Proof Music Room

The back corner of a basement was completely sound proofed so the cave owner can jam as loud as he wants without disturbing the rest of his family.

#3 Rainn Wilson's Office

Star of the hit TV show, The Office, Wilson got his own personal space in which to conduct business.

#4 Dan Patrick's Studio

The Man Caves crew converted an old loft space for sports commentator Dan Patrick. The new space included a custom-made broadcast desk, a basketball court and a full-swing golf simulator.

#5 Brandon Williams' NBA Cave

This NBA star got a new man cave complete with custom hardwood flooring, lockers and display cases for his championship memorabilia.

#6 Poker Cave

Dual red-felt game tables are the center attraction in Vegas-themed cave. A granite bar, slot machine and leather furniture complete the setting.

#7 A.J. Calloway's D.J. Booth

Celebrity correspondent A.J. Calloway's new party room is centered around a custom bar, turntable and salt-water fish tank.

#8 Hockey Hideaway

To give this basement the feel of a real rink, the floor was coated in high-gloss epoxy to look like ice and the wainscoting around the room was made to look like the rink's side boards.

#9 Tuscan Wine Cellar

Plaster-glaze walls, temperature-controlled wine storage and big rustic-style table bring a touch of Italy to an amateur wine maker's basement.

#10 Artie Lange's Beach House

Comedian Artie Lange had his waterfront cottage outfitted with a new poker table, billiards table and custom entertainment center.

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