The Crazy Stuff That Happens on Disaster House

What we won't do to trash this house - just so we can show you how to fix it.

Flock of Sheep 



Host Josh Temple and a flock of sheep mingle in the living room.

Roller Derby 



A roller-derby challenge wheels its way from the dining room to the living room.

Medieval Warriors 



The medieval archery team tests the exterior siding.

Elephant's Potty 



2nd Floor Hot Tub 



Oops, maybe a little too much water in the hot tub.

Piano Falls From Sky 



Host Josh Temple sits on the roof waiting for the piano drop. The camera man plays it safe by staying on the scaffolding.

Skate Punks Take Over 



A half pipe ramp is attached to the house so the skaters can glide their boards across the gutters.

Smash-Up Derby 



What's more fun than a demolition derby in the backyard on a sunny afternoon? The festive banners strung up along the house set the celebratory tone.

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