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Decked Out shows viewers how to create amazing outdoor spaces — one dazzling deck at a time! Whether it's a townhouse with a tiny yard or a five-acre rancher, host Paul Lafrance and crew demonstrate the before, the after and a whole lot of how-to along the way. From construction tricks to decorating tips to landscaping secrets, Decked Out proves any backyard can be the main attraction.
Season 3, Episode 12


Geeta and Taran want something a little different. This couple wants to take their boring backyard and make feel as if they're back home in Trinidad. Taran also wants a bbq space where he can cook large family meals. Paul can't wait. This backyard is transformed into a space that begs you to relax. There's a hammock space with white river rocks beneath and a gorgeous cedar pergola above, a bbq zone, dining area and a stone lounge with a fireplace. This yard went from a place Geeta and Taran didn't want to spend time in to a place they won't want to leave.

Apr 13
5:30pm | 4:30c
Season 3, Episode 10


Judy and Mick have lived in their home for over 40 years. They have a beautiful backyard and a deck that has seen better days. Now that they have five grandchildren who spend the summers at their home, they want to re-vamp their space into something that the whole family can enjoy. Paul decides to start from scratch and replace their old deck with a three-level space that has a bbq area, a sit-down bar, a dining space, a huge lounge with a sectional sofa, a fire table and a gorgeous cedar pergola overhead. After 40 years Judy and Mick will have the family space they've always dreamed of.

Apr 28
1pm | 12c
Season 2, Episode 3

The Lounge Deck

Liz and Chris don't know what to do with their large yard now that their kids aren't using it for soccer. Paul has a solution. You build a deck with a huge lounge area for mom and dad, of course. In this fun episode Paul and the gang build a cozy deck space with a lounge as a central focus. With a covered area for grilling, a dining area, bar and private lounge, Liz and Chris now have a backyard that's gone from all about soccer to all over stunning.

May 20
2:30pm | 1:30c
Season 3, Episode 3


In this episode Paul gets to design a deck for Boris, an executive chef and his wife Keren. And what's the main feature? A gorgeous stainless steel kitchen with custom stainless steel pergola posts overhead. But that's not the main feature for everyone. There's also a lounge with a huge hanging fireplace and comfy cushions. Oh, and of course the putting green, which is a particular landscaping triumph. Paul and the crew fight through bad weather, heat and crazy ideas. Order up!

May 29
2:30pm | 1:30c
Season 2, Episode 6

The Hockey Rink Deck

Brian and Tanya have a unique request: they want a two-tiered deck to enjoy their backyard, but they want it designed around their family's winter hockey rink spot. Challenge accepted. Paul takes advantage of this tricky backyard and creates an upper deck with a screened in family room and a lower deck with a hot tub, bar and lounge, centered around the hockey rink space so parents can watch their kids play...except Paul isn't a big fan of waiting for the winter. Apparently there is a way to have your deck and play hockey too.

May 30
9:30am | 8:30c
Season 3, Episode 13


What do you do when you have a hard with a strange shape? If you're Paul you take full advantage of it. In this episode Paul takes a pie shape yard and creates a triangle-shaped deck to compliment it. The deck has three areas that all encourage huge parties. There's a built-in bbq area with an outdoor fridge, a large dining area and a gorgeous lounge with comfy furniture, beautiful custom metal privacy screens and lights to warm up cold nights. Homeowners John and Olga now have the backyard space they've always wanted.

Jun 12
1:30pm | 12:30c
Season 4, Episode 6

The Semicircle Deck

Darren and Delaine desperately want their backyard to accommodate their four children and large extended family, but realize their scattered collection of lawn furniture is not cutting it. Faced with a rare pie shaped lot, Paul goes all out with a creative semicircle design that includes chunky cedar beams and overhead awnings that enhance the deck's outdoor amphitheater feel. There's a comfy lounge zone, a built-in BBQ with a stone-clad base, and a central waterfall and sun lounging zone. Darren and Delaine can finally entertain their relatives in style!

Jun 20
10:30am | 9:30c
Season 4, Episode 3

The Fire Table Deck

Tamara and Steve have big dreams for their shaded backyard, they want a modern style deck that can accommodate dinner parties for up to thirty people! Paul is up for the challenge and builds a multi-level modern masterpiece, complete with a large dining and bar area, two shady lounge zones and a second story BBQ walkout. Twin fire tables and a built-in lighting and sound system mean Tamara and Steve can entertain outdoors almost the entire year round.

Jul 25
1pm | 12c
Season 4, Episode 2

The Moat Deck

As busy parents always running two active kids to and from soccer games and tournaments, Lionel and Sonia want a true backyard oasis for the adults to enjoy. Going all in, they enlist Paul to completely remake their entire backyard! The makeover includes a unique circular island deck that is surrounded by waterfalls and a moat, and a complete outdoor kitchen and dining zone. With a pergola topped by shade sails and backed by decorative privacy screens, this deck provides Lionel and Sonia a true exotic escape from their suburban setting.

Apr 3
10:30am | 9:30c
Season 3, Episode 4


Can you build an escape in your backyard that feels like one of your favorite travel spots? Absolutely. In this episode Paul and the crew take on one of their biggest challenges ever and completely transform a backyard to feel like a travel destination with an Asian flare. This yard has it all: fire features, waterfalls, and a grilling area that would make any man's heart sing. This deck takes staycation to a whole new level.

May 24
1pm | 12c
Season 4, Episode 8

The Privacy Deck

Selmin and Yasmin want to fill in their massive empty backyard with a deck big enough to accommodate their huge extended family. They also have an interesting request for Paul, create enough privacy so Yasmin can enjoy the outdoors without wearing her traditional Islamic headscarf. Paul's really into this one and builds a two-tiered deck. The first story level has three separate lounge zones that are completely sheltered from the rain and surrounded by retractable mesh screens to keep the bugs out. The second story level has decorative privacy screens and a curved translucent polycarbonate pergola that covers a dining zone and BBQ. This deck has a ton of style and privacy, and is truly one of a kind.

May 28
8:30am | 7:30c
Season 4, Episode 5

The BBQ Deck

A young urban couple with two young daughters, Ileana and Lawrence want both beauty and function in their backyard. Paul designs a modern deck with a perfect blend of the two. A massive BBQ nestled in a marble countertop sits on the upper level beside a dining zone, and curved stairs lead down to the yard and children's play structure. The lower lounge zone is surfaced in an elegant stone, and is joined to the upper level by a see-through outdoor fireplace. Ileana and Lawrence can enjoy their new urban escape relaxing under towering stainless steel beams and hidden by cedar privacy screens.

Jul 17
8am | 7c
Season 4, Episode 7

The Stone Deck

No one likes maintaining a deck, and Cheryl and Andrew are proof of that! They want to replace their rotting cedar deck with a low maintenance version that has all the fixings. Paul's got the perfect solution, a deck that's surfaced completely in stone! This one's got a ton of add-ons, a massive hot tub, a covered BBQ that's connected to the house by a heated walkway, a fire table, a water feature and, finally, backlit translucent stone privacy screens! Not only will Cheryl and Andrew have practically no maintenance to do, they can also spend all of their free time relaxing on their luxurious new deck.

Aug 12
3:30pm | 2:30c

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