Inside Ana White's Rustic Cabin

Tour DIY blogger Ana White's rustic, industrial cabin with tons of upcycled furniture featured in Building Off the Grid: Alaska Range .
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Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

Photo By: Ana White

The Whites Go Off the Grid

DIY blogger Ana White and her family are building a cabin on Paxson Lake in Interior Alaska. The cabin is not road accessible and all materials were hauled in by snow machine, boat or ATV. 

DIY Inside and Out

Everything about the Whites' cabin is DIY, from the design to the hand-cut timber frame to the upcycled furniture inside. 

Rustic Kitchen Palette

The soft, blue-gray color in Ana's kitchen pairs well with the light Alaska Spruce wood floor.

Easy Apothecary Style

You don't need an antique cabinet to get the rustic, industrial look. Ana built doors for the kitchen cabinets using leftover wood from the cabin then screwed cleats to the back to look like apothecary doors. 

Smart Storage

Industrial, wire baskets with canvas liners help keep spices and herbs within reach while out of sight.

Space-Saving Table

This high top table saves space in the cabin kitchen plus doubles as extra counter and prep space.

Custom Plate Rack

"A great way to save space and keep dinnerware within easy reach is a plate rack," says Ana. "Guests can easily grab a plate without having to interfere with the kitchen. The plate rack adds a beautiful design element to the cabin as well."

Light Living Room

"The light floors keep the cabin bright and light," says Ana. "Especially on long, dark winter nights."

DIY Coffee Table

Love Ana's rustic coffee table? You can make it yourself. Check out the how-to here. 

Upcycled Stairs

The Whites built the stairs out of 2x10 boards leftover from bracing the foundation. "The treads are cut out to allow for the baby to be easily carried up and down the stairs," says Ana.

Colorful Kids' Loft

Ana made art cutouts to brighten the children's loft with plywood scraps leftover from the cabin exterior. You can make the same stump stools from the room with these DIY plans

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