Living Off the Grid

These tips and tricks make it a little easier to live off the land.

All-New Builds

Building Off the Grid: Cob Cottage

After years of apprenticing for natural builders, Sonia Havill is putting her skills to the test by building her first house: an off-grid cob cottage on top of an Oregon mountain. She enlists the help of friends and family, but her lack of experience and the Pacific Northwest's notorious rainy season could wash away her dream. Premieres Feb. 13 at 9|8c.

Building Off the Grid: Mushroom House

Sage Stoneman is on the hunt for new ways to build off-grid homes that not only use natural building materials but blend them seamlessly into their environment. He teams up with world-renowned natural builder SunRay Kelley to experiment with a never-before-used building material: mushrooms. Premieres Feb. 20 at 9|8c.

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