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Get a glimpse at the (gorgeous) all-new Building Off the Grid special, Yellowstone River

Building Off the Grid: Yellowstone River 00:58

Tune in as this adventurous family of five builds their Montana dream home.

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Tiny Living
Tiny Living

Building Off the Grid: Tiny House on a Lake

Follow the Busbys, young entrepreneurs and world travelers, as they build a super efficient tiny house in northwestern Montana. 

Maine Escape
Maine Escape

Building Off the Grid: Coastal Maine

Jason and Crystal set their sights on building a 320-square-foot cabin in just 12 days. Between the weather, rough terrain and limited access, it's a challenging and exhausting road to the finish line. 

Faraway Hideaway
Faraway Hideaway

Building Off the Grid: Mountain Man Cave

Joe Donovan, an avid skier and adventurer, has found the perfect spot for his permanent base camp on a remote ridge in southwest Montana. 

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