Stainless Steel Film

Turn eyesores into eye-openers with peel-and-stick stainless-steel film.

Fantastic Bathroom Renovations

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Before: Boring, Beige and Bare

After: A Modern Mix of Materials

Before: A Bathroom Showing Its Age

After: Young, Fun and Hip

Before: Old and Bland Shower

After: Contemporary, Chic and Sleek

Before: Diamond in the Rough

After: Bronze Beauty

Before: An Overload of White

After: Eclectic Red

Before: Cramped Khaki Style

After: Soothing Blue

Before: This Ship Has Sailed

After: A Tranquil Ocean Breeze

Before: Bulky Vanity

After: Spa Sanctuary

Before: Starting on a Blank Canvas

After: A Rock Wall

Before: Stuck in the '80s With Pink

After: An Artistic Stencil Design

About the show

What can you do to your bathroom with just a few days to work and some elbow grease? More than you can imagine. DIY Network expert Matt Muenster shows you the possibilities in the series BATHtastic! In each episode you’ll learn about cutting-edge new materials, amazing design tips and essential DIY know-how that will revitalize any bathroom, great or small. It’s one of your favorite and most widely used rooms in the house, so treat your bathroom to a quick upgrade to take it from bath to BATHtastic!

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