Hit the Road With Amish RENOgades

Master craftsmen Robert and Albert from Vanilla Ice Goes Amish travel cross-country, taking their talents on the road in DIY Network's newest hit, Amish RENOgades .
By: Marion Kirkpatrick
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Amish RENOgades

Albert Miller (left) and Robert Schlabach (right), two Amish craftsmen from Holmes County, Ohio, have gone rogue. They're taking their expertise on the road and renovating homes across America on DIY Network's Amish RENOgades.

Ice Ice Baby

Albert and Robert had their TV debut when rapper-turned-renovator Vanilla Ice headed to Amish country to learn a thing or two about quality craftsmanship in his DIY Network series, Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. Here's a behind-the-scenes shot with Albert and Ice.

Road Trip U.S.A.

On their cross-country road trip to raise money for their community, the RENOgades encounter all sorts of new experiences, like learning how to work a navigational system and driving a car for the first time.

California Dreamin'

The Amish RENOgades spent most of their lives in their Amish community in Holmes County, Ohio, the largest Amish settlement in the United States. On their trip, they are excited to visit big cities they have never seen before, like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Surf's Up

During their stay on the West Coast, Robert and Albert take some time to visit the ocean. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at them taking a surfing lesson.

Cozy Kitchen

Their first stop is Southern California, renovating the home of Keith and Hannah Sumner. Their craftsmanship transforms the couple's kitchen with cottage style.

Dynamic Dining

Robert and Albert outfit the Sumners' dining room with elegant handmade furniture and eclectic lighting fixtures.

Camera Shy

Shooting and starring in a television show is no doubt a unique experience for Robert and Albert, especially considering that Amish tradition forbids them from owning televisions.

Saving Sin City

After their stint in Los Angeles, the RENOgades head to Las Vegas to remodel a bachelor pad. The owner, Ricardo (center), takes Albert and Leon (right) BMX bike riding during their visit.

In Vogue

Albert and Leon proudly display the new shirts they bought to wear to a pool party in Las Vegas.

Raising the Bar

While the Amish might abstain from alcohol for religious reasons, that doesn't stop them from making this elegant wet bar for Ricardo's home in Las Vegas.

Man Cave Chic

Albert and Leon's polished workmanship brings Ricardo's bachelor pad to life.

Ready to Work

Here, Albert and Leon are mid-demo at the home of Carmen and Bart in Palm Springs, Calif.

Fast Friends

Albert poses with Carmen, Bart and their twin girls outside their home.

Luxurious Living Spaces

The RENOgades renovate Carmen and Bart's Palm Springs home, creating this refined mid-century modern space. The room features a coffee table handcrafted by Albert and Leon.

Modern Accents

Albert and Leon also craft this stylish shelf for Carmen and Bart's living room.

Hole in One

During their visit to Palm Springs, Albert and Leon go golfing for the first time.

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