34 More Unbelievable Flea Market Flips

We just can't get enough of the incredible projects on HGTV's Flea Market Flips . Here are 34 more exciting creations from the show to inspire your next trip to the flea market.

Before: Worn Window Pane

Scotty and Eddie had the perfect idea in mind for their "Tribute Project" using this old window pane.

After: Rustic Display Case

The pair turned the forgotten frame into a multi-colored hanging display case.

Before: Dreary Dining Set

Helene and Amy found a group of matching dining chairs in need of an update.

After: Safari Seating

Simply reupholstering the seat cushions with African mud cloth fabric and a covering the wood with a quick coat of paint took this old dining set from rustic to refined in minutes.

Before: Miscellaneous Metals

Separately, this old, broken stand and a rusted birdcage might seem like relatively incongruous objects.

After: Lark Lighting

However, Rose and Sophie's finished "Lighting Project" paired these two seemingly disparate items together to create a posh floor lamp.

Before: Dated Dresser

For their "Hip To Be Square Project," Brandon and Sam picked up this frumpy wooden dresser at Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, Conn.

After: Monochrome Magic

They gave the passé piece a new spark, revitalizing it into a monochrome console cabinet with modern fixtures.

Before: Boring Buckets

Eddie and Rodney decided to completely repurpose this set of galvanized steel buckets.

After: Remarkably Reimagined

Altering the buckets into a set of steel seats with some sweet storage.

Before: Industrial Extras

Cole and Kelly gathered together an unlikely assortment of items in their quest to create a chic dining set.

After: Shabby Chic Assemblage

After they softened the industrial table and metal stools with a delicate paint color and topped the table with an wooden cabinet door, they had created quite the delightful dining set.

Before: Unfortunate Upholstery

Ingrid and Candace found this pair of Danish modern chairs with a cool design but a garishly outdated fabric.

After: Modified Modern

After reupholstering them with a better fabric, these chairs can now be a delightful modern accent to any home.

Before: Distressed Dental Cabinet

On one of their flea market adventures, Cole and Kelly picked up this vintage dental cabinet.

After: Colorful Kitchen Cart

Updating the dental cabinet into a kitchen cart, they gave it a colorful coat of paint and a mosaic hot-plate top created with broken dishware.

Before: Old Odds and Ends

After their shopping trip, Katie and Jennifer had a haul of flea-market treasures ripe with creative possibilities.

After: A Table Transfusion

From the bounty they fashioned a dining room table from a sturdy, old door and some steel piping, pairing it with some reupholstered metal chairs.

Before: Standard Set

Brandon and Sam decided to rework this basic set of wooden chairs into more stimulating seating.

After: Eclectic Bench and Ottoman

By fusing the chairs together, they fashioned a vibrant, one-of-a-kind bench and ottoman set.

Before: Turning Trash into Treasure

Jenn and Jen assembled a strange assortment of scraps in preparation for their "Rustic to Refined Project," including an industrial metal grate and four wooden balusters.

After: Mixed Media Masterpiece

However, the product of these odds and ends created an exquisitely stylish glass-topped coffee table.

Before: Tired Tool

David and Teresa decided to rework this antique hand truck for their "Great Pieces Project."

After: Nonpareil Shelving

The sturdy-but-worn hand truck was easily flipped into a unique tiered shelf.

Before: Metal Industrial Rack

This metal scrap lay forgotten until Scotty and Eddie picked it up and decided to transform it into a vintage treasure.

After: Industrial Upcycle

Keeping its structure intact, they gave this metal framing new life as a glass coffee table.

Before: A Great Crate

With an antique military like this one, the upcycling possibilities are endless!

After: Hang Out and Have a Drink

Nick and Angela's flipped the crate into a stylish and rustic wall-mounted bar.

Before: Promising Project

Partners Jeff and Ilana were lucky enough to find this frame composed of horseshoes ready-made for a great upcycling project.

After: Shoe-In Winner

With only a little reworking, they transformed the frame into a unique glass coffee table.

Before: Made for Magazines

Jake and Karen found a set of wooden magazine racks and decided to flip them - literally.

After: Illuminating Light Fixtures

Reworking these treasures, they created a set of modern chandeliers with vintage flair.

Before: Midcentury Furnishings

Dave and Teresa found a pair of midcentury chairs, deciding to give them a stylish revamp.

After: Vintage Vibes

With a coat of paint and a light, cheerful fabric, these chairs are totally transformed.

Before: Up in the Air

Jenn and Jen picked up this industrial air vent for an exciting project ... but what could it possibly become?

After: Art Deco Décor

From filtering air to filtering light, Jenn and Jen created a delightful art deco chandelier from the old industrial filter.

Before: Rusted Relic

For their "Mirror Project," Sarah and Regina chose a midcentury glass step-up table to revitalize.

After: A Step Above

The finished product: this gorgeous gold sidetable with mirrors replacing the cloudy glass surfaces.

Before: Collector's Quality

Nick and Angela discovered this classic automotive grill and decided it was perfect for a flip.

After: Classic Contemporary

Repurposing the grill, they created a vintage-yet-modern wall sconce that is both artistic and industrial.

Before: Retro Rockers

While full of potential, these midcentury chairs were looking a little tired when Rob and Minetta found them.

After: A Modern Spin

With some unique fabric and modern paint, the set was easily revitalized.

Before: Sew What?

For their "Vintage Modern Project," Jake and Karen picked up this feeble, antique sewing table hoping to turn it into something more versatile and modern.

After: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

The pair gave the old sewing table a jolt, reworking it into this modern coffee table.

Before: Oh, Deer!

With just a wooden frame and a pair of deer skulls, Jenn and Jen were able to create yet another unconventional masterpiece.

After: Artful Crafting

Together the frame and skulls created a quirky piece of artwork inspired by nature.

Before: An Array of Mysterious Objects

For their "Hip To Be Square Project," Eddie and Rodney assembled a metal sconce, wooden clock and rusty gears, combining the mishmash of objects to form a masterful creation.

After: Steampunk Style

Their concoction: an edgy, steampunk clock/lamp.

Before: What's in Store?

Partners Jake and Karen just knew they could makes something interesting out of this set of antique tin boxes.

After: Fabulous for Foodies

Brushing off the dirt and rust, they created bistro dining set with functional storage.

Before: Forgettable Fixtures

Nick and Angela found this set of dated and distressed chairs for their "Time to Dine Project."

After: Demure Dining

Refurbishing the set with understated elegance, they paired them with the industrial iron table they also salvaged and upcycled.

Before: Tea and Sympathy

Partners Laura and Laura resolve to revamp this vintage English folding tea cart that's looking a little drab for their "Hollywood Regency Project."

After: Regal Rolling Bar

Here is the vintage English tea cart all gussied up and transformed into a rolling bar with a vibrant new look.

Before: Dead as a Door...

Tom and Mike decide to get creative and repurpose an old, distressed door in a "novel" way.

After: Tree of Knowledge

Inspired by nature, they created this unique tree-shaped bookshelf, opening the doors to a whole new life for that drab, old door.

Before: Diner Derelicts

Gathering an old turnstile and some diner stools, Amanda and Ian set off to work on their "Color Theory Project."

After: Turn Up the Volume

Once complete, they had created a chic dining set with a glass top table and stools with brighter reupholstered cushions for a modern pop of color.

Before: Child's Play

Partners Scotty and Eddie took this vintage, wooden wagon for a spin during their "Funk-tional Project."

After: Perfect for Picnics

The pair transformed the old wagon into a padded seat with functional storage that's always ready to roll.

Before: Blindingly White Buffet

For the "Hollywood Regency Project," Brandon and Sam picked up this bright, white buffet table.

After: Energized Entertaining

Giving it a functional face-lift, they revamped the dated furnishing into a mini bar buffet with a wine rack.

Before: Unsightly Shelving

Eddie and Rodney chose this large china cabinet with a dated finish for their "Hollywood Regency Project."

After: Stunning in Black-and-White

They pair converted the garish cabinet into a stylish dark wood display and storage cabinet.

Before: Abandoned Alloy

For their "Time to Dine Project," Nick and Angela discovered a forgotten outdoor table frame.

After: Elegant Industrial

Adding a polished wooden top, they fashioned this elegant, mixed-media dining set.

Before: Crumbing Cache

Redressing this old dresser, Tom and Mike decided to revamp it into a wine bar entertainment unit.

After: Wine-and-Dine Ready

With a visible wine rack as well as plenty of storage for decorative platters and linens, their creative console is perfect for any seasoned entertainer.