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Tile Porch Floor

Episode DROC-512H

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  • July 10, 2013

    4:30 AM e/p

Dean and Derek travel to North Carolina to transform a wooden deck into a gorgeous outdoor tile floor. Unlike wooden decking boards that splinter, warp and rot, tile floors are low maintenance and long-lasting. But there's never been an easy full-proof method to replace those wooden planks with tile-until now. First, they partially demolish an existing deck by removing old planking but leaving the deck joists structurally sound. The key to this transformation is an almost mythical product: TI-Proboard. It's a unique composite decking system that screws into joists to form a ribbed, mortar-ready surface. They add a mortar base and once dry, are ready for thin set and tile. From choosing the best outdoor tiles to the proper way to measure and cut them, Dean and Derek have all the tips to make this outdoor tile project a breeze. The end result is a dazzling outdoor tile floor so easy you can do it without (almost) breaking a sweat.


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