DIY Network

A Ridge Beam Too Far

Episode DRES-202H

Tune In

  • October 01, 2014

    5:00 PM e/p

Homeowners Bob and Marie used their retirement savings to pay a contractor who promised to fix their roof. It was caving in so badly it could be seen from the street. But the shoddy workmanship did more harm than good.Enter John DeSilvia to the rescue the renovation. After discovering major structural problems and a carbon monoxide leak in the attic, John and his crew work through a 111 degree heat wave to make the home safe once again . They reapair the roof, remodel the living room and fix the carbon monoxide leak that threatened to poison the homewoners. All he hard work pays off when Bob and Marie return, stunned to see thier new roof and brand newliving room. But the biggest relief? The home is now structurally sound, and safe.


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