DIY Network

The Wilson Project

Episode DRVD-113

Cave and his wife, Jen have grandiose plans for their kitchen. They live in an older home that was once a doctor's building, housing a cardiac clinic and a dentist's office. Cave's a drummer who makes a living by giving drum lessons and playing in various gigs around town. His livelihood will afford them to renovate their kitchen. Sadly, as in most home renovation projects, things don't go as expected. Cave is constantly interrupted by lessons, gigs, and other hurdles that occur when trying to tear into a 70-year-old house. Aside from wanting to install new countertops, polish old floors and strip existing cabinets, Cave wants to run a beer line from his refrigerator downstairs to his kitchen on the first floor. This proves to be more of a challenge than they ever anticipated, but Cave is determined to finish the one project closest to his heart ... the beer line. Watch and see one home renovation that turns out to be a rather sobering experience.


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