DIY Network

The Whiteley Project

Episode DRVD-204L

Simon and Christi dreamed of living in a warehouse beside a body of water. The one they finally found literally has a river running through the property but is completely empty: devoid of walls, kitchen, and insulation. Little by little they are building their dream home, inside the warehouse, but with two small kids they are ready for a master bath. Combining new materials and some they have saved for this day from their architectural salvage business, the plan is grand and the time frame is tight. They want to raise the floor, frame walls, install a sink, shower, toilet, lighting fixtures and new windows in just five days. Luckily Christi has secured five days of daycare and lots of help from friends and family for child care in the evening hours. This well laid plan starts to erode when their daughter gets sick on day two and can't go to daycare. The plan erosion turns into an all out explosion when their second child falls ill. Watch these two try and accomplish some part of their plan for a master bathroom with two sick kids right in the middle of the work. Bring some earplugs!


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