DIY Network

The Vitale Job

Episode DRVD-202UH

Geff and Tiina Vitale have a home just down the road from the Jersey Shore. They have an old deck attached to their house and they want to try to salvage as much as possible. Also, the Vitale's would like to rework the deck in the dead of winter, so they can enjoy the renovated deck in the Spring and Summer. Geff's idea is to detach the deck from the house, knock out every-other plank, save the remaining ones, but add new wood to create a sturdier, bigger deck. Geff and Tiina have a newborn, so Tiina's limited with the amount of work she can contribute, so Geff recruits his best friend, Jay. Jay however, is the last one to know that he's in it for the long run. Aside from the deck being a bit of a bear to restructure, below freezing temperatures only add to the difficulty of the job. This is one show that truly tests friendship during the renovation process.


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