DIY Network

The Rue Lafayette Project

Episode DRVD-205UH

Araceli Kopiloff bought an old building that once housed a mortgage company. Araceli's dream is to convert the space into a chic little cafe/boutique called, Rue La Fayette. Since contractors told her she'd be spending an estimated $180,000 to renovate the building, Araceli decided to take a bite out of the budget by recruiting two friends to help her turn the building's foyer into a cozy welcoming area for guests. One of Araceli's friend is a passionate Argentine chef named Natalia ... the other friend is the cafe's PR director, Starr. Their goal ... tear out a wall to open up the space, rip out existing tile in the foyer and replace it with more updated tiles and create a cool little counter out of a pair of old doors. Add to the madness, the women only have three days to accomplish their goal since they're hosting a preview party on Monday night.


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