DIY Network

THe Rich Job

Episode DRVD-403H

Kevin and Rachel Rich live in a home they purchased six years ago from his parents. In fact, Kevin grew up in the house, and together, he and Rachel share it with their three young boys - all of which are under the age of 10. But for all the home's great memories, the space is entirely unsuited for the needs of the Rich family. The couple's plan to make their home more livable: tear down a wall separating the kitchen and dining room, build a faux beam, and install a new front entryway. The overall effect, Kevin and Rachel hope, will not only increase the value of their home, but greatly improve its flow. As the renovation begins, the Rich's battle a broken trailer, job interruptions, their kids, and eventually, each other. As they near the end of their renovation, the Rich's finally succeed in installing their new front entryway just as the weather dips below freezing and nightfall sets in.


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