DIY Network

The Oppenheim Job

Episode DRVD-408H

Having dated since they were in their teens, Andrew and Emily Oppenheim probably know more about each other than the average couple. Less than two years ago, the couple married and immediately purchased the home of their dreams: a two-story brick colonial, equipped with a large pool and a fabulous kitchen. But for all their home's posh amenities, Andrew and Emily have one major problem with their property - their tiny master bathroom. In fact, the space is so small that Emily is forced to use the home's much larger hallway bathroom. In order remedy the situation, Andrew has devised a radical plan: to completely gut the home's master bathroom and extend it into their existing closest space. The result, Andrew and Emily hope will not only increase the overall value of their home but more than double the square footage of their master bathroom. As the renovation begins, the couple battle injuries, building inspectors, and their own inexperience in construction. Exhausted and overwhelmed by their project, Andrew and Emily eventually decide that what looks good on paper, doesn't always translate well into reality.


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