DIY Network

The Stevens Job

Episode DRVD-412H

In a few short months, Chelse Nieri and her fiance, Scott Stevens, are getting married. While they're both excited, Scott has one big promise to fulfill before he and Chelse walk down the aisle together: to build a spacious new deck for their home. If that wasn't pressure enough, Chelse and Scott have a cookout planned at their home in less than a week, so it's imperative this deck gets built - and fast. As the renovation begins, Scott and Chelse struggle to complete their project as they battle incessant rainfall, fatigue, and their own incompetence. In fact, Scott is so overwhelmed with the project at one point that he temporarily walks off the job site leaving Chelse in charge of the project. Exhausted and tired, the couple install the last deck boards of their porch as guests arrive for the cookout. Though their party is ultimately a success, their porch - lacking both steps and a railing - is proof that Scott has a lot more work to do between now and his expected wedding date.


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