DIY Network

The Neal Job

Episode DRVD-413H

Randy and Kristin Neal are leaving life in the suburbs behind to be closer to the city. They purchased an older home and from the outside, the house is nothing less than charming. Sadly, the inside leaves much to be desired and in need of a renovation overhaul. Their renovation plan is to start with the kitchen, but as with any older home, there are surprises galore-and not the fun kind. From the beginning, there are major issues with their wiring. Add to that a huge load-bearing wall that Randy's trying to tear down and relocate, and this job quickly becomes more than the couple can handle. Randy's otherwise mild-mannered temperament quickly reaches new heights-and stays redlined throughout much of the renovation and unfortunately for them, just as things are starting to look up, the house puts up one last fight, leaving Randy and Kristin to ponder if living in a house possessed is really worth escaping the burbs.


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