DIY Network

The McFarland Job

Episode DRVD-404H

Nancy McFarland and her daughter, Melissa, have just bought a dilapidated Victorian home in Georgetown, Kentucky with the plans to renovate and move in as soon as possible. The only problem is that Nancy, a real estate agent, can sell a home with the best of them, but she has no clue how to work on one and Melissa has even less experience. Disregarding their lack of skills, they decide to start their renovation by tearing out the ceiling and replacing all the windows in a huge turret overlooking the front of the house. But just as quickly as they begin, they find themselves overwhelmed by dangerous working conditions, intense physical labor, and a handful of windows that refuse to cooperate. In the end, they are forced to return to work with about half of the job complete and are unable to move in.


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